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Newest items...Hawaiian print Wrap pants 
wears like a pareau or a sarong, but much more secure, 
and vibrant island prints. 
Samoan Lavalava i'i are here 

click to see larger picture 
here are the colors, choices 1choices 2 
Long Sarong, pareaus,  
all island prints, 
vibrant and island flava 
all long sarongs below are $20 

Stock Code# sarongs-Pua-Whitetips
only long ones..
green, blue, purple, pink, and orange

stock # Sarong-Plum-Bird 
Stock # Sarong-Hib-Maccaw 

stock # Sarong-Plum-Bird 
Stock # Sarong-Hib-Maccaw 

Stock # Sarong Hula Girl 
4 different colors 

Stock # Sarong Bird Maccaw Stripes 
4 different colors 

Stock # Sarong Surfboards 
4 different colors (Flower Stripe on bottom) 
another view here 

Stock # Sarong-Brushed Hibiscus 
3 colors 

Stock # Sarong Gold Hibiscus 
3 colors 

Stock # Sarong Red Hibiscus 05 
Stock # Sarong-Flames-05 

Stock # Sarong Vintage 
3 Colors here 

all long sarongs above are $20 

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see also 
   Sarong Set with Long String Bikini Top 
   Sarong Set with halter top and scarf 
   Sarong Set with T top 

Sarong 1 piece (long or short) 
- MANY Different ways of wearing it... 
  for a top or a wrap around for skirt... 

   Here are a few of the ways here.both are made with a long sarongs, call for the latest colors and patterns.. 
as a skirt or  a top!  

Short Sarongs.. 
you can do the following (and more!!!!) 

2 short sarongs together  


- Assorted colors and prints, 100% Rayon 
  call for more info 

  • - Come see Retail showroom in Vegas

  • - call toll free  1-877-398-1688 now! 

    $20.00 Most Long sarongs  
    $12.00 Most Short Sarongs 
          Stock # sarong order this item 
           Specify Long or short and colors

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    Total Price (including Shipping) 
    Stock Number 

    not many left if any 
    # Sarong - Black Flower - 1  $25  

      # Sarong - Black Parrot $25  

      # Sarong - Black Isle $25  

      Sarong - NewHibiscus  $20  

     4 available colors in this LONG SARONG  
    Style : Sarong-hib-band  $21 + s/h  
    Style : Sarong-Flames  $21 + s/h  
    Style : Sarong-hib-allover  $21 + s/h  

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